APSRDH Framework provides unique centralized repository for residents of AP with citizen demographic information with UID Number and integrated with availing scheme IDs and there by provide online citizen verification and validation services using to the departments as part of beneficiary selection and service delivery. It facilitates departments to implement welfare schemes more efficiently and effectively. It ensures that the delivery of services to the intended beneficiaries.

Following are the services provided by APSRDH Framework through online portal

  • Demographic Verification : The citizen profile can be viewed online with Citizen KYR information along with beneficiary IDs by integrating all the departments data.
  • Biometric Authentication: Biometric Authentication ensures the beneficiary selection and benefit is reaching to the intended beneficiaries on time.
  • Data Synchronization : One stop update for citizen information.

For more details about the Service please refer APSRDH Manual.

Data Search & Analytics : SRDH incorporates multiple modal data search function to facilitate resident data search. Data search function has multiple applications such as:

  • To identify eligible citizens by evaluating eligibility criteria specified by Government Department for a Program/Scheme; against citizens’ demographic information available in the SRDH database
  • To describe, predict, and improve Government Program/Scheme performance in different geographic areas of the state by analysing registration trends among citizens and provide roadmap for forthcoming Programs/Schemes for efficient & effective utilization of resources.
  • To utilize existing resident data in generating key insights that can help Government in identifying new developmental programs/Schemes & an effective implementation strategy